my privacy policy

Squarespace uses cookies and similar technologies to run this website and and for other, vaguely-specified purposes. But Squarespace, unlike most other web hosts, also allows me to disable the collection of personally identifying data they normally collect from site visitors. This is why I chose Squarespace to move my domain and web sites to. I have disabled surveillance - cookies and analytics - on the site to the maximum extent they allow.  Squarespace still collects generic, non-personally-identifying data of a basic nature, but this is pretty minimal compared with most other sites because I have disabled the big brother stuff.  If you are especially concerned about personal privacy, please refer to the Squarespace "Privacy" and "Cookie" pages.

Apparently many site owners have a burning desire to know how many visitors they have, where those visitors live, where they have been browsing, what OS and software they run, etc.  All this and much more about you is available to me!  But I'm not inclined to peek under your virtual covers.  Not only does it feel wrong, it IS wrong.  And I respect you for visiting - I want you to feel dignified while you're here.  Unlike much of the rest of the world, Americans, ironically, have surrendered our privacy rights with nary a wimper. For twenty years, I've been telling people that America is heading into dangerous waters with our lack of technology regulation.  If you think the Trump "presidency" is shockingly frightening, just imagine what a similar lack of thought / regard will bring us with technology - in the hands of the rich, powerful Trumpian ilk.  I like to connect with people, I like to read your comments. But I don’t care how many of you visit, nor what other sites you have been to, and I surely do not want to be a part of facilitating unconstitutional surveillance of you by Squarespace or by whomever may legally or illegally access your private, personal and very valuable data. If you are running Firefox with Disconnect or Ghostery plugins, you may notice one or two typekit trackers or tag managers, but all in all you are probably having less surveillance done on you here than pretty much anywhere.  It's the least, and best, I could do.

Please feel free to comment.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on "Privacy in America."